Activity in North Iceland with Sport Tours


There is nothing like snowmobiling in Iceland. Breathtaking is a word most often used by snowmobilers as they sit on a snow covered knoll, shadowed by the mountains in the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland, watching the northern lights dance across the sky in the winter or riding in the mild temperature in the spring and the continual daylight of the arctic sun. The view is unmatched, the experience unforgettable. The land of fire and ice rewards those who brave the elements with an experience like no other.


Cat Skiing and Cat Boarding in Iceland the extreme mountains at “Tröllaskagi” Troll Peninsula. Troll Peninsula is located in the Northern part of Iceland just below the Arctic Circle. The uniqueness of this area is obviously the fact that you can ski from top to bottom, literally! The mountains rise from the ocean that gives you a chance of skiing all the way down to sea level.


Strytan is the only geothermal cone found in the world you can scuba dive, the other are found at 3000m or deeper. Strytan is rising from the the seafloor at a depth of 65m to 15m under the surface so the Strytan in Eyjafjörður is 50m high. Around 100 liters of freshwater per sec at 72°c is comming from the cone. The professor at the Univercity in Akureyri tells us the fresh water from the cone is 1100 years old. The first underwater protected area in Iceland.


Have you ever dreamed of sliding through snowy landscapes in harmony with nature and the power of huskies? This is an adventure where you control the sledge under the supervision of an experienced musher. You as a musher will be actively working while steering the sledge in order to support the huskies.

Horse riding 

Have a scenic experience in nature whilst riding our very reliable icelandic horses. The drive to the farm gives you great views of the fjord and mountains. Choose either one,  two or three hour horseback ride and enjoy a traditional icelandic treat (cookies/cake) and coffee upon return to the farm.